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Neuman Malik. Ms. Vritsios. Eng3Uo. Apace Behold Dives.

Neuman Malik Ms. Vritsios ENG3UO apace behold dives The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Life of Pi by Yann Martel are great novels which share common themes. The main characters of the novels are Gatsby and Pi, they share common goals. Gatsby and Pi go through isolation and put out love with hope to achieve the American dream. Gatsby and Pi are characters who never give up in achieving their goals. â€Å"Inside every rich man is a poor kid that followed his dreams.† Quote by Sandile Shezi. Shezi as a child used to sell muffins on the street, now at twenty-three years old he is a self-made millionaire. Shezi is the co-founder of Global Forex Institution, helping with affordable exchange training. The quote is†¦show more content†¦Gatsby’s parties were full of people who never knew each other. The people at the parties never knew Gatsby and Gatsby never knew them. All friendships and conversations were meaningless because after the party everyone leaves. Gatsby stands alone on his steps watching the party, but he makes no physical or social connections to any of his guests. Pi gets isolated from the rest of the world. When the Tsimtsum sank, Pi was left alone on a raft in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Pi’s isolation is so tremendous that he takes relief watching the sea-life around his raft. Pi had Richard Parker (tiger), to talk to when he was bored; Pi shared all his problems with him. Pi woke up every day because he had faith in himself; he knew he had to take care of himself and Parker. Pi knew god is with him and he had hope that one day he will reach his destiny. â€Å"I was alone and orphaned, in the middle of the Pacific, hanging on to an oar, an adult tiger in front of me, sharks beneath me, a storm raging above me.† (40,133) This quote explains the start of Pi’s isolation after the

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Successfully Mentoring of Empolyees on the Growth of...

Summary: The growing diversity within organizations has made it crucial for managers to mentor their employees as a â€Å"tool to nurture and grow these individual† (Bailey Cervero, 2002). The Successful mentoring of these individuals also translates into positive outcomes for organizational initiatives. Nonetheless, the cultural characteristics of this diverse population has also made it harder to understand how to properly mentor these employees. Mentoring across cultures boundaries is an â€Å"especially delicate dance that juxtaposes group norms and societal pressures and expectations with individual personality traits† (Bailey Cervero, 2002). The following areas of focus are crucial building blocks for a successful cross-cultural mentoring†¦show more content†¦The mentoring relationship also allows for both parties to acquire feedback from the opposing employee’s cultural group and should be performance or work related. This feedback is important in disco vering deficiencies in reputation or credibility, and making adjustments for them, or reinforcing any positive actions that have built these two traits. Following is the use of mentoring in order for employees to build relationships and foster effective multicultural teams. Mentoring employees is an area that involves cultural characteristics, gender, sexual orientation, or social class. The differences or similarities in the preceding subgroups verify the need for employees to build on good relationships in order for the mentoring relationships to work. For example; if a manager is not sensitive to the characteristics of a LGBT employee, misunderstandings can arise both in and out of the organization that hinder or crumble the mentoring initiative. This also applies to the LGBT being insensitive to the cultural characteristics of his/her manger and the organization. Having â€Å"successful relationships with others allows employees to bring additional resources to their jobs† and the reason why relationships with others is â€Å"important to career success†. There are several benefits in for both the supervisor and men tor in attaining a successful relationship.Show MoreRelatedOrganizational behavior of HK Disneyland4893 Words   |  20 Pageslearning aspects in Hong Kong Disneyland 12 Problems of Disney Learning Style 13 Suggestion 14 Conclusion 18 Introduction Hong Kong Disneyland, opened to visitors in 2005, is one of the two largest theme parks in Hong Kong. It successfully brings magical experience of Walt Disney to all the visitors just like other Disneyland around the world. Hong Kong Disneyland has created a culture for their employees with open communication with their managers and subordinates, professional

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Compare Contrast Free Essays

In And After The War Young men who are sent to a war learn the reality in a very harsh and brutal way. Both the stories, ‘The Red Convertible’ and ‘The Things They Carried’ portray the life of a young soldier and how he psychologically gets affected from all the things he had seen in the war. Tim O’Brien’s ‘The Things They Carried,’ is more specific on the experiences of a soldier during a war where as Karen Louise Erdrich focuses more on describing the post war traumatic stress in her short story ‘The Red Convertible’. We will write a custom essay sample on Compare Contrast or any similar topic only for you Order Now One thing similar in both the narrations is the Vietnam War and its consequences on the soldiers. From the background of both the authors it’s easy to conclude that Tim O’Brien being a war veteran emphasizes more on the war scenes where as Louise Erdrich focuses mainly on the life inside the reservations, which makes sense as she has a Native American ancestry. In both the stories authors show amp; compare the human emotions of a soldier before and after he gets drafted into a war. In ‘The Things They Carried,’ the story revolves around a twenty two year old First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, a fresh graduate from New Jersey who is drafted and sent into the Vietnam War. Tim O’Brien does a true justice to the title of the story and emphasizes on the physical strength of the soldiers, and how it gets tear down with all the situations they have been put through. At one point of the story he describes soldiers carrying mementos and objects for good luck superstitiously. For an instance, Dave Jensen one of the soldiers carried a rabbit’s foot and Norman Bowker carried a thumb that had been presented to him as a gift from a soldier of the same platoon, Mitchell Sanders. He also successfully portrays the confused state of mind of a soldier, during the conversation between Henry Dobbins and Mitchell Sanders about the reason behind Sanders cutting off a thumb from a dead corpse of a fifteen or sixteen year old boy. Mitchell tries to make Henry understand that there was a moral behind what he did but Henry walks off speaking sarcastically and unconvinced. In Karen’s ‘The Red Convertible,’ the story is narrated by Lyman Lamartine who is the younger brother of Henry Junior who had just got back from Vietnam after the war was over. The whole story is narrated in a flashback unlike Tim’s ‘The Things They Carried’ where the story moves back and forth in time. For example when the author describes the things that the soldiers carried in the very beginning of the story, he mentions Ted Lavender carrying six or seven ounces of premium dope until he was shot. Karen emphasizes more on the relationship between brothers and compares the state of mind in which they were before and after the war. The younger brother Lyman hadn’t changed much where as the elder brother Henry was completely a different person after he got back from Vietnam. In both the stories authors have successfully shown the life of a young and happy bachelor until he was drafted to the war and then things changed drastically. In ‘The Things They Carried,’ author narrates Lieutenant Jimmy Cross as a romantic young boy who would carry letters from a girl named Martha. He knew there was no such thing as love between them but he would still be hopeful that things might work out his way after the war is over and when he is sent back home. In the later part of the story after one of his soldier dies, he blames himself for what had happened. Though it can be argued that it wasn’t completely his fault but that’s what being in war can do to you. Whereas in ‘The Red Convertible’ author describes the life of the two brothers before and after the war without emphasizing much on what had happened during the war. In the whole story, the red convertible is used as a symbol of Henry and Lyman’s relationship. This is why I think Lyman drives the car into the lake, so he can bury all the memoirs which he had shared with his elder brother Henry. With this act, the author might want to show that Lyman wanted to move on with his life and which is why he drowned the car into the lake after Henry jumped in. After reading both the stories one might say that ‘The Things They Carried,’ emphasizes on the life of a soldier in the war and ‘The Red Convertible’ can be a continuation of the soldier’s life after the war is over and he comes back home. In ‘The Things They Carried’ the reader would observe the emotional stress a soldier goes through during the war. In essence, ‘The Red Convertible’ shows how these emotional stresses can be suicidal later in a soldier’s life. How to cite Compare Contrast, Papers

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The Impacts of Government Intervention into the Market

In 2009 the administration of Barack Obama imposed higher tariffs on the imports of tires from China. To a large extent, this decision can be viewed as the policy of protectionist since it aims to shield domestic manufacturers from foreign competition.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Impacts of Government Intervention into the Market specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This paper will discuss the effects of such government intervention into the market; in particular, we will speak about the relation between demand and supply. Overall, it is possible to argue that this decision will have a strong impact on the consumers, who would have to pay higher price for the product. It should be noted that in 2008 Chinese manufacturers represented approximately 17 per cent of the tire industry in the United States (Shedlock, unpaged). The new 35% tariffs forced many of them out of the market. Consequently, the quantity of p roducts, available to US consumers has diminished. It would be better to illustrate these changes with the help of supply and demand curves. This chart shows that the supply of tires diminished while the demand for the product remained at the same level. The only possible outcome of these changes is the increase of prices. The key issue is that after the introduction of higher tariffs, the performance of domestic tire-manufactures did not improve; in fact, they produced the same amount of tires, approximately 136 million as in 2008 (Shedlock, unpaged). The only difference is that now Chinese firms cannot compete with American producers on equal terms. This evidence indicates that poor performance of the US tire industry can be explained not only by the strong Chinese presence. The origins of this decline should be sought in the crisis that engulfed the entire automotive industry, including tire manufacturers. It should be born in mind that not all representatives of the US tire ind ustry support this decision of the Obama administration. Some of them believe that these tariffs will harm a great number of people, who work in this industry, for example, shop owners, technicians, wholesalers, dockworkers and so forth (Tire Industry Association, unpaged).Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As a matter of fact, it is hypothesized that this government intervention into the market may result in the loss of 25,000 US jobs. As we can see, this is one of those cases, when the policies of protectionism can backfire. Besides, one should take it into account that the United States exports a great number of products to China; namely, we need to mention agricultural goods (Shedlock, unpaged). Thus, if Chinese government decides to respond to the US policies in a similar way, many American farmers will sustain great losses in revenue. Apart from that, some American manuf acturers such Boeing may also suffer from this policy, provided that the Chinese customers of this company choose to work with a different supplier. Initially, Barack Obama’ decision to levy higher tariffs was supposed to preserve approximately 5.000 jobs for American workers. However, the potential drawbacks of this policy far outweigh its benefits. First of all, it can lead to the advance in prices for the product. Secondly, it will harm those people, who help to transport and distribute tires to the customers. Thirdly, this protectionist policy may strain the US trade relations with China, which may produce adverse effects on many American enterprises, especially farmers. Works Cited Shedlock, Mike. â€Å"Obama Risks Global Trade War with Misguided Tariffs†. MISH Global Economic Trade Analysis. 2010. Accessed from Tire Industry Association. â€Å"Tire Industry Association Expr esses Disappointment With President’s Decision Concerning Chinese Tire Tariff† 2009. Accessed from This essay on The Impacts of Government Intervention into the Market was written and submitted by user Keith V. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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The Diskless PC System in the Ashley Company

The Diskless PC System in the Ashley Company Introduction PC’s are information processing and storage systems which were purposely created to allow some professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers and accountants among others to do business as a professionals corporation. For perfect performing of the PC’s, the Ashley Company has adopted the diskless PC system. In this diskless PC’s, a LAN (Local area network) server based file system of high-powered diskless workstations is spread in a whole company or corporation with a central mainframe whose diskless node is loaded from a server using network booting. Compared to other PC systems the diskless one is better with lesser costs and other many advantages as it shall be seen in the discussion. This discussion views purposely the threats that have been dealt with.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on The Diskless PC System in the Ashley Company specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Discussion Ad vantages of the Diskless PC System The new diskless PC system ensures that users of data can’t interfere with it since they are limited only to what is on the screen. Therefore, with essentially one OS image for a massive number of computers installing and maintaining installed software can be more efficient. Public libraries and institutions that are regarded as public areas are capable of accessing data but they cannot temper with the system since they can only control what is in the screen. Also with this diskless PC system, clients can access data from the serves once the admistrators install the software applications. Clients will therefore have simplified access to the software since each client writes on its own cache hence no client competes for any writing in a shared disk image (Piotrowski 8). The diskless PC reduces the costs by the use of central disk storage. With this central disk storage, it would be cheaper to replace damaged hard drives compared to when each computer has its own disk; hence, mechanical or even electrical failures will bring lesser losses since only one hard drive will need to be replaced. The implication here is that nodes themselves would seldom experience hardware failures that would impair with the clients’ work. With fewer expenses to run the systems, clients and administrators can have surplus capital which they can utilize purposely to install other important soft wares to make the working of computers and the system at large more efficient.Advertising Looking for assessment on computer science? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In addition, costs to purchase flash disks, CDs and DVDs can be avoided since the data can be viewed automatically. Depending on the nature of the application, the capacity of the network infrastructure and the number of servers can be minimized without use of local disks hence lesser costs. Other threats which can be minimized by the diskless PC are noise and amount of power consumed. This makes the environments free from noise pollutions and also less use in the power. In areas where computers are damaged or in fatal conditions this new system ensures that less is used to buy new nodes and hard wares since only the central system needs to be perfected. Also in the latter situation thin clients can be used (Piotrowski 45). Security advantages of diskless PCs system and how they outweigh potential limits The new diskless PCs system has security advantages. These security advantages can be of importance or may be have negative impact. The security advantages are that data can not be tempered with and clients have to ask for access to the data. Since data can not be interfered with, this outcomes the problem where clients and data users in public organs can hack data. Also this means that all clients will have the same kind of data requested for and that no need of comparing data from different sou rces since they are all same. Also this outweighs the in-access to data that may be caused by lack of the media storages. The data is from central servers who will simply data to clients. This means that only clients who are perfect and through will have access to the data and the limitation of data going to unsure clients will have been solved. In order to get data from a server a client will have to send his details and they have to be approved in order to get the data. Despite the limitations solved by the new system, it may be a fatal case where a server may start supplying wrong data.Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on The Diskless PC System in the Ashley Company specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More A server may plan to cause troubles by supplying the wrong data. Although it may seem to be a very secure system it may turn to be the start of troubles. Conclusion The new system is very good in solving threats that have been there. Lower costs will be faced hence avoiding high-capitalized works like many hard wares and media storages. Also the system will ensure secure supply of data from a server where the client’s details will be required in order to access data. Lastly the system enacts security of data in a way that it cannot t be hacked or interfered with. Work Cited Piotrowski, Christine. Professional practice for interior designers. New York: Wiley-Interscience, 2001.Print.

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Borax-Free Slime Recipes

Borax-Free Slime Recipes The traditional slime recipe calls for glue and borax, but you can make slime without borax, too! Here are some easy borax-free slime recipes. Borax-Free Slime Recipe #1 You may see this slime called goo. This is non-toxic slime that flows when you pour it or set it down but stiffens if you punch it or squeeze it. Ingredients: 1/2 cup liquid starch1 cup white glueFood coloring Method: Mix together the liquid starch and glue.Add food coloring if you want colored slime. Borax-Free Slime Recipe #2 Ingredients: 1-1/2 cups flour1 cup cornstarch1-1/2 cups waterFood coloring Method: In a saucepan, mix together the cornstarch, 3/4 cup of water, and the food coloring.Heat the mixture over low heat until it is warm.Stir in the flour, a little at a time, until all of it has been added.Stir in the remaining water. Remove the slime from the heat and allow it to cool before playing with it. Borax-Free Slime Recipe #3 Ingredients: 2 cups cornstarch1 cup warm waterFood coloring Method: Stir the cornstarch into the warm water, a little at a time until all of the starch has been added. The reason for using warm water instead of room temperature water is because this makes it easier to mix the slime without getting any clumps. You can add a little more starch if you want a thicker slime. Add a small amount of water if you want a runnier slime. Also, the consistency of the slime is affected by temperature. Warm slime will flow more readily than cool or refrigerated slime.Add food coloring to achieve the desired color. Borax-Free Slime Recipe #4 This slime is electroactive. If you take a small piece of polystyrene foam (e.g., Styrofoam) and rub it on dry hair or a cat, you can put it near the slime and watch the material edge toward the foam or even break off and stick to it. Ingredients: 3/4 cup cornstarch2 cups vegetable oil Method: Mix together the ingredients and refrigerate the slime.When you are ready to play with the slime, stir the ingredients together (separation is normal), and have fun! The slime will be thick when it is fresh from the refrigerator but will flow more readily as it warms up. You can use temperature to control the consistency of the slime or you can add a bit more cornstarch for thicker slime or a small amount of additional oil for thinner borax-free slime. Storing the Slime You can store the slime from any of these recipes in a sealed container, such as a bowl or a plastic bag. The slime is good for a couple of days at room temperature or at least a week if stored in the refrigerator. Why Make Slime Without Borax? There are a few reasons why you might want to make a slime without using borax, aside from the obvious reason that you might not be able to find this ingredient. Borax is reasonably safe, but it is not an ingredient you want kids to eat. Also, borax has been known to cause skin irritation. Borax and other boron compounds are toxic to insects and can be harmful to plants (in higher amounts), so non-borax slime may be a greener type of slime, with less of an environmental impact than the traditional slime.

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Performance management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Performance management - Case Study Example In PMP, an on-going process of communication is developed between the supervisor and the employee throughout the year in achieving the objectives of the organization. This view is shared by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management as a cycle of systematic process that involves its employees in the process in the improvement of organizational effectiveness in accomplishing its goals. This cycle shown at left, consists of planning the work and setting expectations; a continuous monitoring of performance; development of the capacity to perform; rating of performance periodically, and recognition thru reward of a good performance (U.S Office of Personnel Management, n.d.) In Colorado State, a Performance Management Program is a state-mandated program, wherein Colorado Boulder University is required to implement for its state-classified employees (Office of Labor Relations). Rees, 2011 said that in order to become a classified employee, Colorado system requires some standards such as one s hould be a resident of Colorado State, and must qualify in the standards set in the merit system. The Classified employees are part of the Colorado Classified Personnel System.The performance system of the Colorado State is done in three parts: the achievement pay, sound performance management pay and dispute resolutions (Rees, 2011).